Our Mission
The name of our business is "Legacy Art" because we create art that will become an
We believe in creating pieces of art that you will enjoy in your home or business
for years to come.  The art we produce is unique, and you can be assured that your piece will
never be duplicated.  
We are painters who work in acrylics, oil, or watercolor to create masterpieces
for you.  Our specialty areas are
Landscapes and seascapes.
Pet Portraits.
Specialty items.  
Who We Are
We are life partners who also enjoy painting.  Our names are Linda and Patrick, and we've been
painting for more than 50 years between us!   
A Little About What We Do
We create paintings on commission to meet your wishes.  We also offer paintings from our gallery.  
If you see something in the gallery that is close to what you'd like but not exactly, you can contact
us to get something tailored specifically for you.  We love to paint, and we'd love to create
something that you would enjoy seeing every day.  
Legacy Art
Legacy Art World